February 27th- March 29th 2015

I remember,
chasing a small lizard in the summer,
chasing it long enough until it was too tired to run any more
then catching it in my hands.

I felt,
the sharp points of tiny talons,
the dry and sandiness of the belly.
its tongue flick on my skin…
its little rib cab looked almost like mine.

from my palm it jumped onto the ground below
I chased it again,
I grabbed the end of the tail,
he’s gone
he left only his tail thrashing in my fingers.

Autotomy refers to the behavior of self-amputation, whereby an animal discards one or more of its appendages in an act of self defense. Zoë Field dwells on this idea of the biological defense mechanism, creating sculptural forms that draw visual parallel to those of creature. Field's uncanny objects are both familiar and alien, fabricated and arranged in an effort towards the evocation of thingness.